The study programme Business Management and Economics, which is accredited in 1st and 2nd level of university study, is a direct continuation of several decades existing teaching of economically and managerially oriented study programmes at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Košice. Graduates of the study programme Business Management and Economics will acquire knowledge in the field of technical and scientific disciplines, business management and economics, production and information technologies as well as business process management. During the study, students acquire the skill to use software applications focused on information support of business management, design, modelling and business process simulation. Additionally, they are ready to use basic managerial and economic tools and methods of industrial engineering in practice. The structure of the subjects of the study programme is designed so that the graduates acquire extensive knowledge and skills that enable the solution of operational problems arising in companies. Graduates are also able to utilize principle supporting the increase of company competitiveness when addressing problems and managing companies.