Industrial Automation (IA)

Graduates of the study programme Industrial Automation will find employment through the independent design of automated control and information systems in industry, healthcare, design and software companies and research institutions. The graduate is prepared to design technical and software devices, implement computer simulation, design communication interfaces and is able to implement wired, as well as wireless technologies into automated systems within the industry, in the automation of buildings, smart households or digital services.

Primary areas of study
Automated systems
PLC and HMI programming
Artificial intelligence
Internet of Things (IoT)
Sensor networks
Grades and forms of study
Bachelor study
Engineering studySK, EN
PhD studySK, ENSK, EN

SK – Study in Slovak
EN – Study in English

Additional values

PAS (Process Automation Solutions) student training in cooperation with ICV TUKE
PLC Siemens control system design certificate
Excursions to industrial plants
Workshops and lectures led by experts from the field (Sielems, Baluff, Promotic, etc.)
Erasmus – spend one semester studying abroad

Future application

PLC Programmer
Process Engineer
Application Engineer
Service Technician
IT Technician for PLC Automation
Automation Engineer
Sales Representative

Despite the massive increase of robotics, I see great potential in the field of automation.The company I work at, deals with industrial automation. I have worked on several projects abroad (Shell, Ineos, BASF, Bluewater) and in Slovakia (Duslo, Schneider Electric).
Ing. Michal Vikor
KFB Control, Application Engineer
I am satisfied with my studies. Automation is an interesting study programme in which you learn PLC programming and which prepares you for your future career. If you studied Mechanical Engineering in high school and enjoy programming, I definitely recommend this programme.
Ing. Dominik Kovalčík
Stadler Praha s.r.o., SW Developer
Contact information
doc. Ing. Marek Vagaš, PhD.
tel.č.: +421 55 602 3163

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Education Outputs:

  • Design of complex automated solutions for practice, including proposals focused on the Industry 4.0 platform as a means of production line innovation
  • Practical programming skills of PLC and HMI components
  • Analysis, design and implementation of specific information systems for process management
  • Microcontroller based automated system design and analysis
  • Network protocols – industrial sensor network modelling and simulation
  • Modelling and implementation of pneumatic, mechanical and other automated systems
  • Basics of Python programming
  • Artificial intelligence and its operational application


Goals of Education:

  • The ability to independently design and manage automated devices; including sensors, control system and its control program, drive design and process visualization
  • Competence in the selection of error detection systems, intelligent sensor placement and interconnection, as well as evaluation design
  • The ability to independently design, model and analyse devices or components in the Siemens software portfolio environment (TIA Portal, LOGO!, Soft Comfort!),
  • The ability to independently design, model and analyse devices or components with the application of microcontrollers or microprocessor technology


Areas of application:

  • Automatic control and information system design
  • PLC and HMI component programming (preferably Siemens)
  • IoT sensor networks implementation and design
  • Wireless solution implementation and design for applications in industry and services
  • Processing and implementation of large data and application of artificial intelligence in operation


Supported student projects:

  • Project of Doctoral students and young scientists – grant research
  • PNEUMOBILE – construction of a compressed air powered cars for the “International Pneumobile Aventics Competition”
  • The “How to peel a banana, other than by hand” competition


Student achievements:

  • A victory of the student team in the faculty round and advancement to the national round of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slovakia – in the second round of the competition “How to peel a banana, other than by hand”
  • The faculty round of the Student Scientific and Professional Activity (ŠVOČ), our student Bc. Ján Takáč earned the 2nd place with his work “Design of a PLC controlled automated device for processing and transport of loose mixtures”
  • The faculty round of te Student Scientific and Professional Activity (ŠVOČ), our student Bc. Michal Tomeček earned the 3rd place in the Automation, mechatronics and robotics section with his work “Creation of an application for the visualization of sewage pumping stations at the dispatching level using the Control Web”



Krones Group, Bühler Group, Faraday Grid, KFB Control, CassaCloud, Minebea Slovakia, Senzor, Marelli, Spinea, Magna Slovakia, Faurecia Slovakia, MDJ Košice