The study programme Industrial Engineering at the Master level is intended for future engineers who will be able to work independently in the field of conceptual design, efficiency improvement and optimization of business processes and systems, as well as in all areas of digitization of production and non-production processes. Students improve the skills acquire at the Bachelor level such as software support design, technical preparation of production, 3D technologies, modelling and simulation of production, logistics processes and systems, as well as ergonomics and digitization. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies from the field of reverse engineering, such as 3D scanning and 3D printing, the fields of virtual and mixed reality, as well as digital enterprise and digital twin. Working on semester and Bachelor’s theses is possible in specialized laboratories (the first Testbed 4.0 laboratory in the Slovak Republic) and in companies of industrial practice, with which the Institute of Management, Industrial and Digital Engineering cooperates. The studies include a variety of professional and social (cultural, sports) activities excursions to major companies operating in Slovakia and abroad, domestic and foreign exhibitions, workshops and seminars targeting industrial engineering. Graduates of the Industrial Engineering programme at the Master level can find employment in departments of design, logistics, production, as well as in the middle and top management levels, where it is possible to utilize the potential of creativity and independence in industrial practice task solution. At the moment, Industrial Engineers are highly sought after, especially in the field of digitization of production processes in the area of the ever-developing fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.