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What makes us unique?

The Shell Eco-marathon is an international competition focused on special vehicles with extremely low fuel consumption. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE has been participating in this competition for more than 25 years. In said time, our students designed and built 8 racing cars. The development of each of them presented a great challenge. In order for 7the vehicle to travel as far as possible with a single litre of fuel, it must have a low aerodynamic and rolling resistance, low weight and at the same time meet strict safety requirements. In the last year, our team managed to drive 824.84 km on 1 litre of fuel, which is not only our personal, but also an absolute Slovak record.


Since 2008, pneumatic car races have been held in the Hungarian town of Eger. This is a prestigious competition organized by Emerson, a supplier of AVENTICS pneumatic components. Teams of technical universities from all over Europe are taking part in the competition. The task of the competitors is to build a vehicle powered by compressed air that will meet strict technical and safety requirements. There are several categories to compete in. With our last Pneumobile we travelled 3.2 km and reached a maximum of 38 km/h. Due to the great interest of students, there are currently two competing teams at the faculty.


The Škoda-Wheel, a student project commissioned by the Škoda-Auto development centre is one of the positive impulses to start your career in the automotive world. Thanks to the long-term cooperation of the FME with the Škoda-Auto carmaker, we offer our students a space for the creative development of their engineering potential. As part of the project, students go through all phases of aluminium wheel development, from the first sketch, through the CAD model, to the FEM calculation. In addition to professional workshops and meetings with experts in technical development, students have the opportunity to participate in a summer internship in Mladá Boleslav and obtain a topic for their thesis.

Experimental research into the storage capacity of hydrogen in absorbent materials and the implementation of technologies in mobile devices utilizing hydrogen is a highly popular research topic at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE. One of the tangible results of this research is a prototype hydrogen car with a power of 200 W. In addition to the test function, the car is also the subject of an innovative process, which may be the subject of final theses. In solving partial tasks, the student gain knowledge in the field of low-pressure hydrogen storage, its subsequent combustion, as well as the structural arrangement of hydrogen systems. These solved tasks are an excellent start to engineering practice.


The connection of biomedical engineering, 3D printing and biomaterial research created the main focus of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Measurement and resulted in tailored implants that have been applied to more than 350 patients in Slovakia and around the world. Key words in contemporary medical therapy include personalization, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. These areas will include 3D bio-printing, which will allow the application of biodegradable materials and at the same time cells in an organized manner to create tissue or human organs. You will also find this attractive direction, which will be one of the top trends in medicine for the next 20 years, in the field of biomedical engineering.


After the historically first Engineering Quiz, which took place on March 14, 2018, it was clear that this unique form of entertainment will be of great interest not only for students but also for teachers. It is an informal social event, which takes place regularly in the Face Club and in which students and teachers measure their strength in a battle of knowledge. However, occasionally there is a rare merger of these two groups, which is also the goal of this event. The engineering quiz is not only a guarantee of good fun, but also provides space for relaxed meetings, conversations and the opportunity to get to know other engineers. The quiz is in the patronage of the Dean of the faculty, who, together with the management, cheers on all the competing teams.


Our graduates successfully work in the creative departments of technical development, where they apply the knowledge acquired from school and beyond and combine it with their will to find new solutions and create new concepts. The advantage is the knowledge of computer modelling in CATIA, construction, finite element calculations and technology.
Ing. Jiří OTA
Škoda Auto, Head of department EBA - Conceptual dimensioning and design support
We have the best experience with FME graduates; they are active and very well prepared for their upcoming profession. That is why they succeed very quickly in their positions and grow professionally, whether in project or managerial positions across the development spectrum from A-class to the design and implementation of factories.
Dipl.-Ing. Martin ZABADAL
Aufeer Design, s.r.o., CEO
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