Automotive Production (AP)

The education and training of students of the Bachelor study programme Automotive Production is aimed at gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of advanced materials, technologies, analytical tools in designing car components, organizing their production and assembly with the support of CAx technologies. Students can further develop their creative and innovative skills in solving case studies, ECO Shell Marathon projects and engaging in Volkswagen e-up electric car modifications. Additional aspects of the studies include knowledge and skills in the field of testing, car sales, traffic management, car maintenance management and other activities related to automotive in accordance with the requirements of quality standards ISO TS 16949. Graduates will gain experience in teamwork in solving technical problems, management of small teams, as well as improved presentation and communication skills. The Automotive Production study programme will enable graduates to enter the world of automobile production, sales management, service, MOT of vehicles and the automotive supply sector.

Primary areas of study
Car production process
CAD and CAE systems
Component development process
Methods of process improvement
Testing and validation
Grades and forms of study
Bachelor studySK, EN
Engineering studySK, EN
PhD study

SK – Study in Slovak
EN – Study in English

Additional values

Excursions, workshops and Master’s theses in cooperation with the ŠKODA Auto, Mladá Boleslav research and development centre
Excursions to Volkswagen Slovakia a.s.
Student project in the field of aluminium car disk design
Possibility of a one-month internship in a research and development centre
Possibility of obtaining a certificate from the NC programming course

Future application

Project Manager
Production Technologist
Test Room Worker
Car Dealer
MOT Worker

Studying Automotive Production had almost perfectly prepared me for the work I currently do. I am very lucky to work in the field of my studies. The theoretical and more importantly, the practical knowledge acquired during my studies help me greatly in my day-to-day work and personal life.
Ing. Tomáš Sloviak
Kia Motors Slovakia s.r.o., Parts Quality Management Specialist
Studying in the field of Automotive Production at TUKE, allowed me to acquire the knowledge of basic processes, technologies and procedures in automotive. I have later used them, to make the decision to orientate myself in the labour market. I have acquired information from the fields of technology, engineering, management and economics.
Ing. Michal Dibala
DG. Engineering a.s., CEO
Contact information
Ing. Dušan SABADKA, PhD.
Phone No.: +421 55 602 3529

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Education Outputs:

  • Understanding of the design and production process of automotive components
  • Understanding of the automotive component testing process
  • Understanding of the connections between the design of components and their production
  • Understanding of car production organization
  • Ability to work with a wide range of CAx systems
  • Ability to optimize production processes
  • Ability to assess the reliability of production processes
  • Ability to design the evaluation criteria for the quality of production processes


Goals of Education:

  • Gain knowledge of trends in the field of alternative car propulsion systems
  • Gain knowledge of the latest technologies in the production of automotive components
  • Gain knowledge of the latest materials, the possibilities of their effective application in terms of safety and ecology
  • Gain knowledge of quality standards in the automotive industry
  • Acquire skills in designing and verifying the functionality, components, mechanisms and complete cars


Areas of application:

  • Design and manufacture of automotive components
  • Testing and evaluation of automotive components
  • Innovation of cars and their components
  • Car services


Supported student projects:

  • Shell Eco-marathon
  • Volkswagen e-up electric car modifications


Student achievements:

  • International Engineering Fair Award 2016 for the exhibit: Prototype of a lightweight student electric coachwork made of composite materials on the Volkswagen e-up platform.
  • Design and implementation of coachwork for the Shell Eco-marathon – the Slovak record of 825 km per 1 litre of fuel at the Shell Eco-marathon EUROPE 2019.



Škoda Auto, Volkswagen Slovakia, Kia Motors Slovakia, Jaguar Land Rover, PSA Peugeot Citroën Slovakia, Idiada CZ, Evektor, Volke, EDAG, Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia, US Steel Košice, Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia, Matador, Magna PT, Marelli Slovakia, Tatravagónka Poprad, Garrett Motion Slovakia