Industrial Engineering (IE)

The study programme Industrial Engineering at the Bachelor level offers the opportunity to acquire competencies in the cross-sectional scientific field focused primarily on solving project, production, ergonomic and logistics problems of industrial practice and production management in practical and digital form. The students will master the theoretical procedures, methods and techniques of industrial and digital engineering, as well as gain knowledge of software applications that are part of product life cycle management. During the study, the students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills on their own exercises using digital and virtual technologies. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to work with virtual and augmented reality, 3D scanners and 3D printers, which are part of the laboratory equipment. Working on semester and Bachelor’s theses is possible in these laboratories and in companies of industrial practice, with which the Institute of Management, Industrial and Digital Engineering cooperates. The graduates of the Industrial Engineering study programme are ready to apply in the labour market in engineering and non-engineering companies of various specializations, development and design organizations, business companies, consulting companies and the technical area of ​​the public sector. Additionally, the graduates can also work as production process and system, designers, workers in planning, organizing and managing of production, increasing productivity, logistics, human resources and, last but not least, as a managers in various functional areas.

Primary areas of study
Conceptual design
Modelling and virtual reality
Production system simulation
Digital technologies
Industrial ergonomics
Grades and forms of study
Bachelor studySK, ENSK
Engineering studySK, ENSK
PhD studySK, ENSK, EN

SK – Study in Slovak
EN – Study in English

Additional values

Excursions to automotive manufacture companies (VW, KIA, Magna, Howe, etc.)
Workshops organized in cooperation with partners from the field
Field based topics of final theses (Magna, Howe, Ryba, SHP Group, etc.)
The most modern laboratory equipment
Possibilities of student stay and internships abroad

Future application

Industrial Engineer
Process Engineer
Production Planner
Human Resources Manager
Project Manager

The knowledge gained at the university had helped me to quickly integrate into professional practice. The possibility of foreign cooperation between universities led me to acquire the skills necessary for working life.
Ing. Miroslav Telepčák
Škoda Auto a.s., Conveyor Technology Designer
The Industrial Engineering study programme, as well as the department itself, has provided me with the necessary knowledge and approaches used in manufacturing companies and every manufacturing segment around the world.
Ing. Ondrej Griger
Jaguar Landrover Slovakia, Integrated Production System Leader
Contact information
doc. Ing. Miriam Pekarčíková, PhD.
tel. č.: +421 55 602 3244

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Education Outputs:

  • Simulation software
  • ERP systems
  • PLM system elements
  • Digital enterprise and its elements
  • CAD software

Goals of Education:

  • Production system design
  • Production process organization and management
  • Supply, production and distribution logistics
  • Reverse engineering and additive technologies
  • Digital enterprise
  • Smart business practice solutions

Areas of application:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Production planning and management
  • Human resources
  • Production optimization
  • Reverse engineering

Student achievements:

  • Ing. Radko Popovič, PhD.: 1st place in the competition for the best diploma and Bachelor’s thesis announced by SOVA Digital in the category of Engineering Departments of Technical Universities in Slovakia.
  • Ing. Nikoleta Kocichová: Award by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic for the most interesting business idea.
  • Dr.h.c. doc. Ing. Milan Fiľo, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Board of Directors of ECO-INVESTMENT a.s., one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Slovak Republic, holder of the Crystal Wing Award for Economy and the Medal of Merit awarded by the President of the Czech Republic. A former graduate of the current Institute of Management, Industrial and Digital Engineering.


Magna PT, Škoda Auto, Volkswagen Slovakia, SHP Group, T-Systems Slovakia, US Steel Košice, Matador, KIA, Whirpool Slovakia, Ryba Košice, Siemens, Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia