Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical engineering is a widely profiled study programme, the graduate of which acquires comprehensive knowledge in several areas of mechanical engineering that overlap into other industries. The structure of the study programme is given by a balanced combination of technical and natural science subjects focused mainly on design, construction, mechanics, engineering materials, production technologies and production process management, which provides the graduate with a wide range of opportunities in the field. In addition to theoretical knowledge, graduates also gain important practical experience in the field of 3D modelling, computer simulations and expert measurements, which are crucial for performing highly specialized activities typical of R&D.

Primary areas of study
CAD modelling
CAE simulation
Grades and forms of study
Bachelor studySK, EN
Engineering studySK, EN
PhD study

SK – Study in Slovak
EN – Study in English

Additional values

EUR-ACE – an international certificate, which entitles the graduate to the title of Euro Engineer / European Accredited Engineer
Field based topics of final theses (Škoda Auto, Idiada, Aufeer Design, Continental, Contitech, Tatravagónka, etc.)
Semester course – The Basics of Abaqus
A possibility to participate in the Škoda Disk Project
Internships and excursions to important Slovak and foreign companies
Join workshops and projects in cooperation with SUN MOON University, South Korea
An opportunity to participate in the development of the prototype ultra-light car for the Shell Eco Marathon and the compressed air powered cars
A possibility to work at the Prototype and Innovation Centre FME TUKE

Future application

Project Accountant
Machine Designer
Expert Technician
Machine and Equipment Maintenance Planner

I can say that studying at the faculty provided me with a good basis for further development and employment. Additionally, I am very glad that students have the opportunity to participate in various motivational programmes and receive scholarships, which helped me to further develop in practice, as well as awards that improved my chances when looking for a job.
Ing. Martin Beliško
Lear Corporation Engineering, CAD Designer
Upon successful completion of the Mechanical Engineering study programme, the graduates gain a broad focus in mechanical engineering. After the study, it is therefore possible to choose from several employment options, and not just one specific one, as would be the case when graduating another study programme.
Ing. Patrícia Spodník Diabelková
IEE Sensing Slovakia s.r.o., Design Engineer
Contact information
doc. Ing. Ingrid Delyová, PhD.
tel.č.: +421 55 602 2467

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Education Outputs:

  • Learn to orientate in the properties of engineering materials, understand their behaviour and know the possibilities of their technical use
  • Gain an overview of the technological processes used in production of engineering products
  • Correct application of knowledge in the field of rigid and flexible body mechanics
  • Acquisition of knowledge in the field of machine construction and design, machinery and structures
  • Gain experience in creation of CAD models and technical documentation
  • Learn to work with the most modern CAE programs, perform computer analysis and simulations

Goals of Education:

  • Creation and assessment of technical documentation
  • Analysis of stress and strain states of structural elements with analytical, computer and experimental methods
  • Solution of problems related to kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms
  • Creation of machine design / parts of and relevant analyses
  • Analyse, design and construct large-scale technical units including mechanical systems
  • Ability to use modern methods of virtual construction

Areas of application:

  • Professions focused on design, construction, numerical calculations, experimental measurements in the engineering, automotive, aerospace, consumer and energy industries
  • Professions in the field of engineering development and scientific research (primary research and development centres and project offices of industrial enterprises)
  • Companies focused on the construction of machines, robots, manipulators and conveyors
  • Companies focused on the production of automotive industry related devices and components

Supported student projects:

  • Student Scientific and Professional Activity (ŠVOČ),
  • Joint student projects and workshops with SUN MOON University, South Korea
  • Project “Disk” in cooperation with Škoda Auto


Student achievements:

  • The best Master’s thesis of Slovnaft
  • The best Master’s thesis of SPP
  • Twice achieved 1st place in the competition “How to peel a banana, other than by hand”
  • Student awards at the Global Capstone Design Workshop in cooperation with the University of South Korea
  • Multiple awards from the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technical Societies for the best design thesis
  • 1st place in the faculty round of Student Scientific and Professional Activity (ŠVOČ)


Volkswagen Slovakia, Hyundai / KIA Žilina, PSA Peugeot Citroën Slovakia, Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav, Idiada CZ, Aufeer Design, Adient Slovakia, Edag Engineering, Porsche Engineering, DG Engineering, Huisman, ZŤS VVÚ Košice, Tatravagónka Poprad, Strojárne Piesok, Whirlpool Slovakia, BSH Michalovce, Spinea Prešov, Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia, Molex Kechnec, Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia Zvolen, ContiTech Vibration Control Slovakia, Schaeffler Slovensko, US Steel Košice, Ricardo, BSH Drives and Pumps, Marelli Slovakia, U-shin Slovakia, Magna PT