Prosthetics and Orthotics (PaO)

The Prosthetics and Orthotics programme offers a comprehensive education, quality study support, knowledge and skills in the field of classical prosthetics and orthotics, utilization of the latest technologies in the field of digitization of measurements, 3D modelling and additive production of prosthetic and orthotic devices that allow graduates to respond professionally to market requirements and a possibility to continue their engineering studies in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Primary areas of study
Prosthetics and orthotics
Biomechanics and motion analysis
3D scanning
Modelling and design
Grades and forms of study
Bachelor studySK, EN
Engineering study
PhD study

SK – Study in Slovak
EN – Study in English

Additional values

OttoBock Michelangelo hand prosthetics workshop
OttoBock Orthotic system training
Posture and muscle imbalance seminar
RedCord system, Neurac seminar
Barefoot and Dynamic movement lecture

Future application

Sales Representative

Graduating from the Prosthetics and Orthotics study programme, I have primarily acquired theoretical knowledge, which I utilize at work every day. I will be very pleased if this department continues to be part of the portfolio at FME TUKE.
Ing. Andrej Plž
Protea, Orthopaedic technician – Specialist in Craniotherapy
Contact information
Ing. Viktória RAJŤÚKOVÁ, PhD.
tel.č.: +421 55 602 2651

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Education Outputs:

  • Innovative technology work – 3D scanning, 3D printing
  • Selected software application mastery –  modelling and simulation
  • Conventional and innovative methods for human body measurement
  • Knowledge of biomechanical principles of prosthetic-orthotic devices
  • Application of knowledge from the analysis of human biomechanics in motion

Goals of Education:

  • The ability of interdisciplinary cooperation with health professionals
  • Application of system approaches in addressing problems of technical orthopaedics
  • Design proposal, individualization and personalization of medical devices
  • Prerequisites for studying in the field of Biomedical Engineering

Areas of application:

  • Technical orthopaedics
  • Medical device design and development
  • 3D scanning, modelling and 3D printing
  • Orthopaedic prosthetics consulting
  • Implementation of new technologies for technical orthopaedics workplaces

Supported student projects:

  • Project for the design of an innovative device or service in the field of technical orthopaedics

Student achievements:

  • Student Scientific and Professional Activity (ŠVOČ)


Otto Bock Slovakia, Centre for Orthopaedic Prosthetics Košice, EGAMED, ORTOPROplus, Prosthetics, ORTO-PROTETIKA