Quality and Safety (QaS)

In regards to the study, the students are able to apply the procedures of statistical regulation of production processes and quality improvement tools, implement requirements in accordance with international standards for the quality management system (ISO 9001, IATF 16949) as well as safety and health regulations at work (ISO 45001). Using software applications, the students will acquire skills in designing and modelling of a safe construction of machines as well as their maintenance (e.g. including robotic workplaces). Furthermore, they will learn to apply management tools and methods.

Primary areas of study
Grades and forms of study
Bachelor studySK, ENSK, EN
Engineering study
PhD studySK, ENSK, EN

SK – Study in Slovak
EN – Study in English

Additional values

International stay and internship at the mobility programmes, e.g. Germany, Slovenia, USA, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic
International projects
Possibilities of joining professional teams in companies that are engaged in research or innovation activities

Future application

Manager / Master of Maintenance
Quality Technician
Safety Technician
Fire Protection Technician
Industrial Accident Prevention Specialist
Qualified Quality and Safety Expert

Safety and quality are required and important in every industrial company and at the moment, there is a very strong emphasis on them.
Ing. Štefan Kacvinský
Magda Getrag Slovakia, Maintenance Supervisor
The study in combination with professional lectures by people from the field, have opened my way into the world of “Automotive” industry. There are no difficulties at all when looking for a job in this department.
Ing. Ivana Janošková
Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia, Supplier Quality Engineer
Contact information
Ing. Zuzana Kotianová, PhD.
e-mail: zuzana.kotianova@tuke.sk
tel.č.: +42155 602 2515

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Education Outputs:

A graduate of the 1st level of the KaB study programme is able to:

  • Lead teams for supervision, inspection and certification of technical systems in state and public institutions, both in the conditions of the Slovak Republic and within the EU countries at the middle and top level of management
  • Independent or team oriented methodology planning and implementation of methods within the activities in basic and applied research, in order to minimize risks and serve as the most effective preventive measures
  • Participate in the formulation of projects submitted under the calls of domestic and foreign grant providers
  • Present the results obtained within the framework of scientific activities and publishing activities both at the national and international level
  • Become an active member of the management committees in the middle as well as in the top level of the company’s management or state and public institutions
  • Critically analyse the published results of research activities in the scientific areas of “Quality” and “Safety”

Goals of Education:

  • Application of software resources in regards to the quality, safety and risk management system in all stages of the technical life of products and industrial technologies
  • Critical analysis of legislative requirements for quality and safe products / processes with the aim of their simplest possible practical application
  • Risk analysis of machinery, machine systems and industrial processes as a part of integrated safety within complex management systems
  • Development of methodologies and procedures for effective prevention in a man-machine-environment system with an application for intelligent industry

Areas of application:

  • Manager at the middle and top level of management of integrated management systems
  • State and public institution management structures, focused on the field of ​​”Quality” and “Security”
  • Top expert in the field of implementation of quality management systems, safety and health protection at work, as well as excellent maintenance within business entities
  • Consulting Organization within international institutions, e.g. at EU level



Supported student projects:

  • Shell Eco-marathon
  • Student Scientific and Professional Activity (ŠVOČ)
  • ERASMUS+ programme mobility
  • Consultation of Bachelor’s theses in cooperation with the industry

Student achievements:

  • Competitions in the final projects


Volkswagen Slovakia, Magna PT, Jaguar Land Rover, KIA Slovakia, U-shin Slovakia, Garrett Motion Slovakia, Lear Corporation Seating Slovakia, Marelli Slovakia, SGS Slovakia, Unomedical, US Steel Košice, National Labour Inspectorate, universities and research institutions in the Slovak Republic and abroad